We rely on Request Initiative to enrich our campaigns and deliver information that secures good press coverage. Their requests for us have made front page news several times. Information law is a brilliant campaigning tool and Request Initiative are pros at using it.

John Sauven

Executive Director, Greenpeace

Managing an FOI in-house can be very time consuming and Request Initiative took away a lot of the difficulties, for a very reasonable cost. They demonstrated their expertise by advising on the scope of the FOI request as well as the specific wording to make sure we had the best possible chance of receiving useful results. Request Initiative was extremely helpful from the beginning of the process to the end and ultimately for us, enabled us to secure a successful national media story.

Sophie Robinson

Senior Media Officer, Shelter

Our request to a PCT was stonewalled so we called Request Initiative to see what they could do. They appealed on our behalf and a few weeks later we had full disclosure. Their expertise and professionalism made it easy to work with them.

Becky Jarvis

Campaign manager, 38 Degrees

It isn’t easy to use the Freedom of Information Act. You need a little legal know-how and a lot of patience. But it is a potentially powerful tool, which can help charities and NGOs to find facts from which to construct campaigns. Request Initiative is good news.

Nick Davies

Investigative journalist, The Guardian

Request Initiative took all of the pain out of applying for access to info, they were able to advise on how best to proceed with a request and what the obstacles would be. They engaged with the content and were able to put together the proposals with a minimum of hassle.

George Boden

Campaigner on Kleptocracy Team, Global Witness

Request Initiative combines high quality journalism, legal expertise and public relations experience to support charities and NGOs in their investigations work. We at the Centre for Investigative Journalism work closely with them and promote the information law techniques they have mastered.

Gavin MacFadyen

Director, Centre for Investigative Journalism

Most public bodies have FoI officers or access to guidance and the latest case law. Request Initiative’s experience means they know how to work with the best FOI officers while challenging those who continue to ‘rubber stamp’ their colleague’s excuses for denying access to information.

Freedom of information officer

Audit Commission (former employee)