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The Day in FoIA: Serco’s ‘clinical and financial failures’ in NHS and Police bonus £millions

Serco takeover of NHS pathology labs ‘led to clinical and financial failures’

The takeover of the NHS‘s biggest pathology laboratories by the multinational Serco has led to a series of clinical and financial failures and saw London hospitals being …

Government Schmooze-athon with Shell | Police Station Closures | US pursuit of Julian Assange | Cost Impact of Fly-tipping on Councils

Government officials accused of ‘schmooze-athon’ with Shell

Energy giant hosted officials from 10 departments at two-day ‘training course’, according to freedom of information papers.

Senior Whitehall officials from 10 government departments and agencies attended exclusive “training courses” laid on by …

Pay freezes and cuts for CIOs at Whitehall’s biggest departments

A number of major Whitehall departments have slashed their Chief Information Officer salaries since 2008, according to central government figures.

The salary of the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) CIO, a job previously held by Joe Harley before his …

AP publish global review of FoIA laws

The Associated Press published today an extensive report on the efficiency of Freedom of Information legislation in the countries that have passed the Act.

AP has put FoIA to the test around the world and discovered that although 105 governments …