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Email links Lockerbie bomber’s prison transfer to £400m Libyan arms deal

Email links Lockerbie bomber’s prison transfer to £400m Libyan arms deal

An email has emerged suggesting a connection between the prisoner transfer deal negotiated between Libya and the last Labour government, that could have allowed the release of the Lockerbie …

MPs use children to claim more expenses

MPs use children to claim more expenses

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) has given the MPs special dispensation to claim higher expenses to rent bigger properties and to pay for their children’s travel.

The rules were relaxed in 2011

£14m bill for gagging axed public officials

£14m bill for gagging axed public officials

Last month the Government banned gagging orders for NHS employees after it emerged that more than £18 million had been spent on silencing 600 staff.

However, the use of similar orders is widespread …

MPs spent nearly £400,000 on fig trees, FoIA shows

Ministers are spending more than £30,000 per year of public money on renting fig trees for a parliamentary courtyard, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

The 12 fig trees, found in Westminister’s Portcullis House courtyard, have been rented from …

Coca-Cola lobbies Irish health minister on sugar tax, FoIA reveals

A Freedom of Information investigation revealed Coca-Cola has been lobbying Ireland’s health minister James Reilly and  opposing a proposed sugar tax, The Sunday Times has reported.

The proposal aspires to combat obesity and generate revenue but representatives of the company …

Scottish spin doctor’s bid to silence truth about referendum

Alex Salmond’s spin doctor was exposed last night for having attempted to stop an expert on referendums communicating to journalists that a two-question referendum plan was “not tenable”.

The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Scotsman report that spin-doctor Kevin …

MPs spend more than £350,000 on staff settlements

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that MPs have spent more than £350,000 of taxpayers’ money on employee-related tribunals, redundancies and severance pays over the last five years.

The Daily Mirror reports the costs are only “the …

Expenses scandal MPs claimed thousands in legal aid

Despite their prosecution for fiddling public money, expenses scandal MPs received over £55,300 in legal aid.

Some MPs’ legal aid was even more costly than the amount of money they cheated. Labour MP David Chaytor got £23,579 for his lawyers …