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A different kettle of fish in Salford? BBC MediaCityUK row rumbles on as scandals and complaining staff continue

A different kettle of fish in Salford? BBC MediaCityUK row rumbles on as scandals and complaining staff continue

As the BBC’s move to Salford Quays remains embroiled in controversy, MM asks whether prejudice is rife among those formerly established in London?

For many BBC staff, the migration north to MediaCityUK may have been a welcome relocation, but for others, it was a deal breaker.

According to a recent request under the Freedom of Information Act made to GMP, there have been a number of crimes against BBC staff in the last year, including a producer being chased by four youths trying to steal bikes from staff and a worker being shot with an air rifle.

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Todd Fitzgerald | Mancunian Matters | 31st May 2012

Thousands of 12-point motorists on UK roads

New research has revealed that thousands of motorists are currently driving around Britain’s roads despite having 12 points or more on their licence, even though they could be eligible for disqualification under current regulations.

According to a Freedom of Information request made by the Co-operative Motor Group to the DVLA, almost 9,000 drivers with at least 12 points on their licence continue to use UK roads. While motorists who amass 12 points or more within the space of three years are eligible for a ban, the DVLA stated that courts have the option to “use their discretion” when deciding whether or not to implement such a sanction.

“It is concerning that motorists with so many points on their licence can legally be allowed to continue to drive,” said Co-operative Group managing director Tony Guest. “We would hope that at the very least these drivers are having to undertake re-training to ensure that they do not re-offend, but understand this is rarely the case. We would push for a standard test for drivers that reach 12 points for the safety of all road users.”

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Katy Robinson | World News Report | 30th May 2012

Swansea AM demands action as cost of thefts revealed

THE cost of metal theft from publicly owned property in Swansea hit £74,579 last year.

A Freedom of Information request submitted to Swansea Council revealed the cost of stolen items such as road signs, lead, cabling and downpipes during the financial year 2011-12.

The issue was raised in the Assembly chamber by Swansea West AM Mike Hedges, who asked the First Minister what action is being taken to combat metal theft in Wales. It was his information request which revealed the figure for Swansea.

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South Wales Evening post | 31st May 2012

Northern Rock to pay former finance director £270,000

Northern Rock is to hand around £270,000 to a former director following the controversial sale of the nationalised bank to Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Money.

Former finance director Jim McConville is to receive the payout through a long-term incentive plan (LTIP), put in place in April 2010, in two payments in 2013 and 2014.

The payout is likely to be confirmed in Northern Rock’s next annual report – expected in June – but can be revealed by the Guardian as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request that UK Financial Investments, the body that looks after the bailed-out banks, attempted to block.

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Marcus Williamson | The Guardian | 11th April 2012

NHS patients sent home at night ‘to free up hospital beds’   

Official figures show that up to 400,000 patients were discharged from wards between 11pm and 6am throughout the country last year.

Some hospitals discharged nearly one in 10 patients late at night, according to the statistics released under Freedom of Information laws.

Hospital managers suggested the practice was occurring “under the radar” and admitted it was likely being used as a way of creating beds despite generally being not in a patient’s best interest.

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Andrew Hough | The Telegraph | 12th April 2012

Staff at BBC Salford get minders after being shot at with air rifles

A handful of workers at the £200million MediaCityUK complex – home to BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 live and Match of the Day – have fallen victim to crime in the past year.

The head of security for Peel Media Group which owns and polices the site, wrote in the same email that guards were “constantly patrolling” and 300 CCTV cameras were monitoring security.

There have been a number of thefts of laptops, iPads and mobile phones there, according to information obtained from the BBC and Greater Manchester Police by a freedom of information request.

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Anita Singh | The Telegraph | 12th April 2012