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Parliament to debate new transparency laws which seek to end institutional cover-ups

This Friday will see the second reading of the Transparency and Accountability Bill which, amongst other things, aims to increase government accountability relating to child care proceedings.

Currently, family courts are largely regarded as private affairs, making it very difficult …

Increased transparency rules for councils

Earlier this week, the government published a new edition of the Local Government Transparency Code that will require local authorities to publish greater details in regards to profits and assets.

Announced by the department for Communities and Local Government, local …

Hundreds of thousands of 11-year-olds leaving primary school unable to swim

Hundreds of thousands of 11-year-olds leaving primary school unable to swim

More than 200,000 11-year-olds quit primary school every year unable to swim, according to a report out today.

Figures show one in three are unable to reach the Government’s …

MPs spent nearly £400,000 on fig trees, FoIA shows

Ministers are spending more than £30,000 per year of public money on renting fig trees for a parliamentary courtyard, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

The 12 fig trees, found in Westminister’s Portcullis House courtyard, have been rented from …

MoD spent £600 million on advisers and consultants

The Ministry of Defence has spent almost £600m on hundreds of external specialists, consultants and advisers, breaching government guidelines about expenditure.

Figures released under FoIA show that the MoD spent £564m in the last two years for the “technical support” …