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Weekly News Round-Up: Scotland, court summons and the private sector

Alex Salmond accused of dishonesty over oil fund

Alex Salmond has faced Labour accusations of dishonesty after it emerged he was privately warned his flagship plan for an oil fund would require a separate Scotland to cut spending or increase …

The day in FoIA: HMRC snoops on public 14,000 times in a year, City sackings soar as FSA cracks down and police numbers ‘lowest for 9 years’

The tax man is watching you: HMRC snoops on public 14,000 times in a year

Taxpayers’ personal data, including records of web sites they have visited and where their mobile phone calls are made, is being viewed by Her Majesty’s …

The day in FOIA: Alex Salmond’s entertainment bill, 7000 operations cancelled in Wales hospital and outgoing Guantanamo detainees named by US

Alex Salmond spends £370,000 on entertaining

Alex Salmond spent more than £370,000 of taxpayers’ money on official entertaining during his first term in office, according to official figures obtained by the Daily Telegraph.

The First Minister’s private office paid out …

A day in FoIA: Salmond intends to ‘beef up’ Scots’ FOI rights | Clashes over badger cull poses public safety risk | FBI Refuses To Turn Over File of Saudi Hacking Investigation | Australian Tribunal orders release of log deal details | US Navy Submarine Commander Faked Death

Scots’ Freedom of Information rights to become more ‘robust’, says Alex Salmond

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond today said he is ready to beef up Scotland’s Freedom of Information (FOI) laws amid claims that the public’s rights have being “unacceptably eroded.”…

A day in FoIA: Rat meat sold to public, Prescott’s spending may be kept secret, PPI misselling, Scottish independence’s EU legal advice, Scotland home to more than 100 exotic animals

Cane rat meat ‘sold to public’ in Ridley Road Market

Cane rats and “shocking” quantities of illegal and “potentially unsafe” meat have been sold to the public in east London, a BBC London undercover investigation has found.

Secret filming in …

Number of animals used in University of Leeds testing revealed

Number of animals used in University of Leeds testing revealed   

Almost 17,000 animals were used in medical experiments conducted by the University of Leeds last year – and most of them were killed.

A Freedom of Information request submitted by …

173 allegations of misconduct against just TWO police officers… who are still on duty

Two police officers have had hundreds of complaints made against them by the public, it has emerged.

The pair have faced 173 misconduct allegations as serious as perjury, sexual assault and violence by people they have dealt with professionally.

Police …

Hillsborough: The Thatcher papers

“In brief, we have learnt that the top ranks of Merseyside Police helped to misinform Margaret Thatcher by wrongly blaming Liverpool fans”

– Martin Rosenbaum, BBC Freedom of Information specialist

Requests made under the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) reveal …

Scottish spin doctor’s bid to silence truth about referendum

Alex Salmond’s spin doctor was exposed last night for having attempted to stop an expert on referendums communicating to journalists that a two-question referendum plan was “not tenable”.

The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Scotsman report that spin-doctor Kevin …

Foreign Office faces Information Tribunal about UK residents’ secret rendition

An all-party parliamentary group, chaired by Conservative MP Andrew Tyrie is asking for full disclosure of intelligence documents possibly implicating British officials in secret renditions of UK residents to Guantánamo Bay and other notorious jails.

The Guardian reports that an …

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