Request Initiative delivers research that supports public interest campaigns and helps generate media coverage of charity, NGO and social enterprise initiatives. FoIA, EIR and DPA have the power to open up the workings of government and to hold public bodies to account.

Request’s experts have extensive experience in making information requests, conducting research and writing and placing stories in the media. Our services can be tailored to specific research and media needs.

When making requests we will speak with campaigners and press officers to identify what information is needed and which public body will hold the relevant data. We will make the request, through FoIA, EIR or DPA, and then engage in the crucial follow-up process that ensures disclosure.

We can also help identify pro bono legal support and funding should the case go beyond the Information Commissioner’s Office and to the tribunals or the Supreme Court. We then provide our clients with the information released and, where agreed, publish it on our website.

Sometimes a stage of preliminary research is required to make effective information requests. Request can use our extensive access to online databases, including newspaper cuttings libraries, Dods, Who’s Who, the electoral roll and Companies House, in order to establish what information is already in the public domain. We will use this research to inform our requests.

Request can also position disclosed information in newspapers and with broadcasters on behalf of its clients. We have a sound strategic understanding of news and wide networks that we can draw upon to ensure stories get the exposure they deserve, both in the UK and internationally.

We also closely follow the latest developments in the world of freedom of information. The decisions of the Information Commissioner, the Information Rights Tribunal and the Supreme Court mean that new information becomes available on a weekly basis. This information informs every request we make.

For more information regarding our services you can read this or contact us.