We make Freedom of Information requests. And requests under the Environment Information Regulations. And subject access requests under the Data Protection Act.

Sometimes it’s simple. Sometimes it’s a battle of epic proportions.

We have learned how civil servants report to ministers, and about the information structures and procedures of the major government departments.

We request information on asset registers, cost codes and internal communications protocols.

We know the law inside out, which means we cannot be fobbed off by government barristers and senior officials.

And we offer strategic advice about which cases to fight – having beaten the Cabinet Office at the Information Tribunal and even successfully taken on the Information Commissioner himself.

But, above all, we work with people who are genuinely and solely acting in the best interests of the public and who want to get information that is genuinely significant and relevant to their campaigns.

We have worked with some seriously impressive campaigners since we began five years ago.

Greenpeace was our very first client. We’ve done fascinating and important work on the Arctic, fisheries, fracking and coal power plants.

We have helped Becky Jarvis, a campaigner for 38 Degrees, who experienced problems with an ongoing campaign that only needed a magic touch to reinvigorate.

We have assisted Global Witness, which investigates resource corruption in the global south as part of its human rights campaigning. We helped them interrogate the British Foreign Office.

We provide tailored requests which result in campaign-enriching information. You can find out more in our case studies below.

Case Study people


Shelter believed that the government’s austerity and welfare reform programmes were forcing London councils to place homeless families in unsuitable emergency accommodation, sometimes against the law. Shelter needed a way to test their hypothesis, but no government agency collected the data they wanted.


Glen Tarman is both an art lover and an extraordinary activist. Which is why he became embroiled in Liberate Tate’s campaign against British Petroleum’s cynical sponsorship of Tate. We helped secure his victory.

Sue Ryder

Preth Rao, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Sue Ryder, is deeply concerned that terminally ill people in Britain are not receiving adequate, dedicated care.


John Sauven at Greenpeace UK wanted to investigate the links between the fossil fuel industry and the government. See how we helped delay Shell’s drilling operations in the Arctic, too.