We’re a small team.

But so was the A-Team.

Brendan Montague is our managing director. From Brixton, he decided to become a journalist aged 14 to investigate the vested interests damaging our fragile world. And that’s basically why he set up Request Initiative some twenty years later. So he gained professional journalism qualifications and learned the trade from the ground up on regional newspapers. And then he left Fleet Street to set up the Request Initiative and begin his work exposing wrongdoing and holding governments to account in earnest. Contact Brendan on 07590 030201 or brendan@requestinitiative.org

Victoria Seabrook, our head of content and investigations, started her journalism career in local news and investigative documentaries. She has produced work for BBC Panorama, Channel 4 Dispatches, the Guardian and various other outlets, covering numerous environmental and social justice stories. Previously, she passed with distinction an investigative journalism masters from City University. And so far she has found little use for her first-class undergraduate degree in German. Contact Victoria at victoria@requestinitiative.org

Jack Castle, originally from Grantham, is at the very beginning of what will no doubt be an illustrious career as a barrister specialising in information law. And we’re very lucky to catch him as our legal advisor while we can. He is currently at City Law School, City University getting his graduate diploma in law. Previously, he graduated with a distinction in English Literature from Oxford University. His FOIA requests are effective: they are also poetry.

Jack Alexander was poached from the Campaign Against Climate Change after becoming invaluable to Request Initiative after a short time volunteering. He is a machine.

Advisory Board

Robin Hopkins works with 11KBW, among the leading information law specialists. Robin has represented Brendan brilliantly at the information tribunal, and has represented the Information Commissioner’s Office against Brendan equally brilliantly on at least one occasion. Robin goes beyond the call of duty in making sure our transparency laws are applied fairly whoever he is working for.

Helen Darbishire, is the founder and executive director of Access Info Europe, a Madrid based NGO which promotes the right of access to information in Europe and globally.

Ben Worthy is a lecturer in Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London. His interests include Freedom of Information, Open Data and E-government.

Lucas Amin was there at the beginning, a founding director of Request Initiative. For those vital first few years he ran the show. He has gone on to work with Greenpeace, Transparency International and a host of other well known campaigning organisations. He is also writing for The Guardian. And, of course, he is our ambassador at large.

Duncan Campbell, the journalist who first reported the existence of GCHQ today works with Edward Snowden exposing our surveillance complex.

Professor David Miller, a sociologist at the University of Bath, founded Spinwatch more than a decade ago to raise public awareness of the nefarious influence of lobbyists and other snake-oil salesmen on our democracy.