3 fastest and safest ways to ship goods to Guangzhou today

Importing goods from Guangzhou is now becoming the main business trend of fashion and accessory units. For new business people, there will be many difficulties in transporting goods from Guangzhou to Vietnam how to ensure safety and save costs. Therefore, in the following article we will suggest 3 ways to transport goods. Fastest and safest transfer for your reference.

Shipping goods to Guangzhou by air

This way of transporting goods has outstanding advantages in ensuring the delivery time as well as the safety of the product. At the same time limit the problem of breakage, serious damage.
However, the way to transport goods by air is only optimal when the amount of goods you want to transport is not much. Such items must have high economic value. Because the cost of transportation by air will be higher than other means of transportation.

Shipping goods to Guangzhou by sea

This is the most optimal shipping method when you need to transport goods in large quantities. Especially bulky and valuable items. However, the disadvantage of this shipping method is that it is time consuming. You will have to wait 7-10 days to receive the goods. The cost of hiring a Guangzhou shipping unit by yourself ranges from 50-100 USD/CONT.

Transporting goods to Guangzhou by road

Transporting clothes to Guangzhou in bulk by road is currently the most chosen by many people. Because this method of transportation ensures both reasonable cost and timeliness.
Transporting goods by road only takes 3-4 days for goods to arrive in Hanoi. It takes about 4-5 days to arrive at Da Nang bus station and takes 5-6 days to arrive in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces.
Currently, transporting goods from Guangzhou to Vietnam by road will mainly use container trucks, trucks,…You will be working directly with service providers. The goal is to provide a specific work schedule with a fixed price and often less additional costs.

Recently, we have introduced 3 fastest and safest ways to ship Guangzhou goods on the market for your reference. Based on your needs and purpose of transporting your goods for you to choose the most suitable means of transport!