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Costs of David Cameron’s pay bonanza for advisors ‘must be published in full’

September 30, 2016

david_cameron_28_january_2011Cameron’s Pay-For-Pals Leaving Gift To Come Under Scrutiny.

The government must immediately publish exactly how much David Cameron handed his special advisors in pay increases before falling on his sword as Prime Minister, the managing director of Request Initiative said today.

A formal Freedom of Information Request has now been lodged with the Cabinet Office demanding the prompt release of data showing how much the hand out will cost the taxpayer in the coming years. The same request also asked for information relating to Cameron’s recommendations for honours.

Jack Castle, the legal advisor to Request Initiative, stated in his letter: “Greater transparency in both the renumeration of Special Advisors and the honours recommendation process is a matter of great public interest, contributing greatly to the public’s confidence in a stable, fair, open government.”

The request has been published by the non-profit community interest company [160901-ri-pmo070-re001], which intends to take the case to the Information Tribunal if that proves necessary. Regular updates will be published on this here blog.