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The secret council files that deem babies, 100-year-olds and a man who pulls faces a threat to officials

The secret council files that deem babies, 100-year-olds and a man who pulls faces a threat to officials

Toddlers, centenarians and a man who pulls faces have been placed on secret council databases deeming them a ‘threat’ to officials, it was revealed yesterday.

Thousands of people have been unknowingly named in the warning files, including a man who answers his front door naked and a seven-year-old girl considered ‘potentially violent’.

The secret databases came to light after a barber who used a megaphone to warn motorists about traffic wardens revealed he was put on a council warning list.

Of 150 local authorities contacted in a Freedom of Information investigation by the Press Association, more than half said they kept a warning list. The information they contain can be viewed by staff only and cannot be accessed by the public. Read more

Vanessa Allen | The Daily Mail | 13th August 2013

Secret Service had Reddit founder Aaron Swartz under surveillance before his suicide

The U.S. Secret Service played a key role in the investigation of free-information activist and Reddit founder Aaron Swartz and watched his case closely until he committed suicide, according to newly-released government documents.

Swartz, 26, hanged himself in his Brooklyn apartment in January as he faced trial on charges he hacked into a Massachusetts Institute of Technology archive of scholarly articles with the aim of making the information freely available.

The documents, released under the Freedom of Information Act, show the Secret Service field office in Boston secured documents and electronic devices seized during searches of Swartz’s home and research office at Harvard University. Read more

The Daily Mail | 13th August 2013

Memo shows CIA ‘did keep file on Noam Chomsky’

The CIA has long maintained that it did not keep a file on Noam Chomsky, the linguist and prominent left-wing advocate. But now, new evidence has emerged apparently contradicting the agency, showing that officials did in fact collect information on the anti-war academic in the 1970s.

Previously, in response to a freedom of information request, the CIA had said that thorough searches of its records had not turned up any files on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor. But a new request by a lawyer to the FBI has led to the discovery of a June 1970 memo in which a CIA official asked the FBI for information about a trip to Vietnam planned by a group of American anti-war activists. The official says the trip has been endorsed by Mr Chomsky. Read more

Nikhil Kumar | The Independent | 13th August 2013

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