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Private eyes spy for the State: Public officials spend your millions on snoopers

Private eyes spy for the State: Public officials spend YOUR millions on snoopers

Freedom of Information requests by Big Brother Watch revealed some £3.9million of taxpayers’ money was spent on private eyes over two years. That included 37 councils, several quangos and the Department for Transport. Read more

Hayley Dixon & Alice Philipson | The Daily Mail | 6th August 2013

FBI allowed its informants to commit more than 5,500 crimes in a single year – or over 15 times a day

Startling documents reveal that the FBI permitted its informants to commit at least 5,658 crimes in just one year, or an average of over 15 incidents a day.

These new records, obtained by USA Today yesterday, provide a first public view of just how frequently the agency employs criminals to help with their inquiries. Yet this figure is just the tip of the iceberg.

This 2011 report, acquired by USA Today under the Freedom of Information Act, has been heavily redacted by the authorities. Read more

The Daily Mail | 5th August 2013

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