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MPs use children to claim more expenses

MPs use children to claim more expenses

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) has given the MPs special dispensation to claim higher expenses to rent bigger properties and to pay for their children’s travel.

The rules were relaxed in 2011 following lobbying from MPs who can now claim thousands of pounds extra for each child they register with the expenses regulator.

Under freedom of information laws, Ipsa has disclosed that a total of 148 MPs, with 300 children between them, have formally registered their “dependants” so they can claim expenses associated with their accommodation and travel. Read more

Holly Watt, Claire Newell & Charles Young | The Daily Telegraph | 4th July 2013

£100,000 cost of John Bercow’s travel as Speaker

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has charged nearly £100,000 for taxi rides and trips around the world, documents reveal.

The money paid for visits to nearly 20 countries, as well as trips to have his portrait painted and a short journey to tour the offices of the MPs’ expenses watchdog.

Details of the Speaker’s travel costs since the general in May 2010 were disclosed under Freedom of Information laws. Read more

Christopher Hope | The Daily Telegraph | 4th July 2013

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