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Met Police pay out £360,000 for wrongly ramming doors down in raids

Met Police pay out £360,000 for wrongly ramming doors down in raids

The financial fallout due to Metropolitan Police officers ramming down doors at wrong addresses to carry out police raids has come to light for the first time.

With officers having to get tough in smashing their way through to a potential suspect’s home many thousands of times a year, red-faced coppers have had to pay out hundreds of times each year for barging into the wrong address.

Official figures indicate that the Met was deluged with roughly a thousand claims each year from 2010-2012, receiving 1,109 claims of “wrongful forced entry” in 2010/2011. However, this figure decreased over the following years to 959 in 2011/2012 and finally 931 in 2012/2013.

The findings have been disclosed by the Metropolitan Police after a Freedom of Information Request from LondonlovesBusiness.com. Read more.

Asa Bennett | London Loves Business | 29th May 2013

British Ambassadors Struggle with Arabic

A Freedom of Information request by The Daily Telegraph also shows that three Ambassadors currently based in the Middle East and North Africa speak no Arabic at all.

The remaining seven have sufficient grasp of the language to be able to handle “routine everyday” matters, but would have difficulty with official business.

Concerns have been raised about the linguistic skills of British diplomats, particularly since David Miliband, then Foreign Secretary, closed the Foreign Office Language School in 2007. The last government also dropped language ability from the criteria for promotion to senior grades.

Today, the British Ambassadors in Sudan, Qatar and Algeria speak no Arabic at all. Those in Bahrain and Morocco, meanwhile, are below the lowest possible grade for Arabic, known as “A2″. Read more.

David Blair | The Telegraph | 31st May 2013

Police shot children as young as 12 with 50,000-volt Taser linked to causing fatal heart attacks

A 12-year-oldgirl was shot by police with a 50,000-volt Taser. The girl, who was  brandishing  two knives and threatening to harm herself, was one of more than 20 children shot by officers using the electric stun guns, figures show.

Police said the Taser was used to  detain the girl and ‘prevent serious harm to both her, the public and the officers’ after she began behaving ‘aggressively’ in St Helens, Merseyside, in July 2011.

The schoolgirl was one of  more than 20 children stunned with the weapons in the past three years,  according to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Read more.

James Drummond | The Daily Mail | 3rd June 2013

Bury: Police Take £34,000 Worth of Cannabis Off Streets

MORE than £340,000 worth of cannabis was taken off the streets of the borough in 2012, figures have revealed.

Statistics released to the under the Freedom of Information Act also show the number of cannabis farms being discovered by police has risen by more than one-third since 2011.

In 2012, 31 cannabis cultivations worth £340,290 were found in the borough – an increase of 32 per cent from the 21 farms uncovered the year before.

In 2011, the farms police unearthed were also smaller, with their total value estimated at £139,670 — less than half 2012’s total. Read more.

Tui Benjamin | Bury Times| 31st May 2013

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