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Superstrong, telepathic – the bionic soldiers of the future: How radical technology could transform British troops within 30 years

Superstrong, telepathic – the bionic soldiers of the future: How radical technology could transform British troops within 30 years

Warfare may be an awful thing, but it has a habit of accelerating health technology in ways that are helpful to everyone. For example, in World War II the Allies made significant medical advances in vital areas such as developing antibiotic drugs — which the Germans didn’t possess — and performing lifesaving blood transfusions.

Now, however, the military is developing an alarming new interest in the human body and brain. It wants to create armies of mutant soldiers, equipped with unstoppable physical and mental powers.

Within 30 years, according to newly released Ministry of Defence papers, British soldiers should be able to lift huge weights, run at high speeds over extreme distances, have infra-red night vision built into their brains, and even be capable of transmitting thoughts by electronically aided telepathy. Read more

John Naish | The Daily Mail | 30th April 2013

Manchester Town hall rapped by information watchdog

Manchester council is to be investigated over claims they take too long to respond to Freedom of Information requests. Town hall bosses will be monitored by officials from the Wilmslow-based Information Commissioner’s Office this quarter after a ‘significant number of complaints’ were received over their inability to respond within the statutory time limit.

By law, the council has to provide a response to an FOI request within 20 working days. Anybody can submit a request although in certain circumstances officials can refuse to release certain details.

The council will be monitored until June 30 and failure to show signs of improvement within that period may result in enforcement action. Read more

Andrew Stuart | Manchester Evening News | 30th April 2013

ARMENIA: Red Flags Raised Over State-Funded NGOs Lack of Activity

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)—President Serzh Sarkisian’s staff has allocated some 500 million drams ($1.2 million) in grants to three dozen non-governmental organizations that have generally avoided publicizing their activities purportedly including human rights advocacy.

The Yerevan-based Center for Freedom of Information has obtained detailed information about the funding, provided from 2010-2012, from the Armenian Finance Ministry. The latter had to make it available in accordance with Armenia’s freedom of information legislation.

Hardly any of the 31 recipients of the presidential grants has been covered by the Armenian media to date. The government data shows that many of them were founded and registered with the Justice Ministry shortly before receiving state funding. Read more

Asbarez Post | 29th April 2013

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