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Sex allegations against 81 BBC staff since Savile; BBC ‘appalled’ by flood of sex allegations against its staff

Sex allegations against 81 BBC staff since Savile; BBC ‘appalled’ by flood of sex allegations against its staff

MORE than 150 allegations of sexual abuse have been made against 81 BBC employees since the Jimmy Savile scandal engulfed the corporation last year. Half of the accused are current members of BBC staff or contributors, a Freedom of Information Act request revealed.

Of the cases involving those 40 employees, 10 remain outstanding and are currently being investigated by either the police or the BBC. The figures reveal a significant shift in the number of people coming forward in the wake of the Savile controversy.

A BBC spokesman said the organisation had been “appalled” by the allegations of harassment and abuse that had emerged since the Savile scandal broke and insisted that a series of reviews were under way to ensure that lessons could be learnt. Read more

Victoria Ward & Jennifer O’Mahoney | The Daily Telegraph | 30th May 2013

Cumbria PCC expenses ‘leak': Eight complaints

Eight formal complaints have been made about Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) after he spent £700 on a chauffeur-driven car. A Freedom of Information request has revealed concern over Richard Rhodes’ use of taxpayers’ money.

Details of the money he spent first appeared in a newspaper last month. Three police staff members were arrested for leaking information. The PCC’s office said it was “aware” of the complaints.

Mr Rhodes, a Conservative, has since paid back all the money and apologised.  Two male police workers aged 47 and 59, have been told they will not face any criminal charges. A third, a female staff member, is on police bail until July. A man who does not work for the force remains on police bail. Read more

BBC | 29th May 2013

MP urges government not to get rid of ASBOs

EDMONTON MP Andy Love has urged the government not to scrap ASBOs after plans to reform powers to tackle antisocial behaviour were announced. His call came as figures released through a Freedom of Information request by the Labour Party revealed there were 11,930 reports of antisocial behaviour in Enfield in 2012.

The reports ranged from vandalism and intimidation, to the playing of loud music and public drinking.  In the Queen’s Speech earlier this month, the coalition government announced proposals to replace antisocial behaviour orders, which were brought in by the Labour government in 1998, along with criminal behaviour orders and crime prevention injunctions.

The government plans to reduce the 19 existing powers to deal with antisocial behaviour to six.  And it wants to make it easier for victims to get police involved in tackling repeat offenders and giving them more of a say in what form of out-of-court sanction offenders receive as part of a new scheme called community remedy. Read more

Koos Couvée | North London Today | 29th May 2013

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