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Thousands of school leavers ‘lost’ in jobs and training scheme

Thousands of school leavers ‘lost’ in jobs and training scheme

More than 17,000 Scottish school leavers have been “lost” in the system supposed to ensure they go on to work, training or further education.

Scottish Labour obtained the figures in response to a freedom of information request regarding the programme run by Skills Development Scotland.

The Scottish Government has made a commitment to offer all 16 to 19-year-olds a learning or training place if they do not have a job, education or training lined up after leaving school. Read more

STV News | 18th April 2013

Hackney Council fail to meet deadline for National Deaf Children’s Society Freedom of Information request

London’s authorities make up half of the councils across England that have failed to comply with a Freedom of Information request to explain how much money will be available for deaf children’s services in this financial year.

The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS), based in Old Street, has been trying to find out how much money will be available for deaf children’s services for this financial year, after a third of all councils cut services for deaf children in the last two years.

There are fears that as budgets continue to be squeezed deaf children could be further hit by swingeing cuts. Out of 150 Freedom of Information requests put into local authorities across the UK, 26 councils failed to respond by the legal deadline of April 2. Jo Campion, deputy director of policy and campaigns at NDCS said the lack of response showed a “total disregard” for deaf children. Read more

Emma Bartholomew | Hackney Gazette | 18th April 2013

Children of eight searched as police stops rise

Police have today defended stopping and searching youngsters as young as eight on the streets of Blackpool. Over the past two years youngsters on the resort’s streets have been stopped and searched by detectives investigating a host of possible crimes, including going equipped, having stolen property and being in possession of drugs.

A Freedom of Information request by The Gazette has revealed police stop around 300 youngsters a year and, despite only a tiny percentage of those being arrested, officers have today defended their actions and said it is only done when they have “legitimate” reasons.

Chief Insp Ian Mills, of Blackpool Police, said: “Stop and search is a legitimate policing tactic should the grounds exist to stop and search individuals. Read more

Katie Upton | The Blackpool Gazette | 18th April 2013

DENMARK: Freedom of information act could damage Denmark’s reputation

The government’s plan to adopt a new freedom of information act (offentlighedslov) that would reduce the public’s right to access governmental documents could compromise Denmark’s reputation internationally.

The transparency watchdog Transparency International Danmark (TI-DK) has argued that the newoffentlighedslov could compromise Denmark’s favourable placement on international transparency rankings.

“A prospective ratification of the new offentlighedslov could negatively affect our position in international rankings. If the law is ratified as stands, too much will be left in the dark and it is TI-DK’s fear that our strong integrity system will suffer. Furthermore, the law will weaken the media’s role as the fourth estate and watchdog, which would be a very unfortunate consequence,” TI-DK wrote in a press release. Read more

Christian Wenande | The Copenhagen Post | 18th April 2013

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