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Thousands of strip searches on children in custody

Thousands of strip searches on children in custody

A promise to end routine strip-searching of children in custody is being flouted, according to data revealing there were more than 43,000 recorded incidences involving children as young as 12 over a 21-month period – but in only 275 searches were illicit items found.

Contraband was discovered in eight of every 1,000 searches in young offender institutions and secure children’s homes and training centres in the course of one year, and just three in the next year. Tobacco was the most common item found, with no recorded discoveries of drugs or knives.

A leading children’s rights campaigner described the practice as “institutionalised child abuse” after a freedom of information request identified that a total of 43,960 such searches, which routinely involve the children being made to strip naked, were carried out in 21 months. Read more.

Eric Allison | The Guardian | 3rd March 2013

Eqypt: Freedom of information draft bill to be released 9 March

The final draft of the freedom of information law will be put out for discussion in its final draft on 9 March, Justice Minister Ahmed Mekky said during a press conference.

“We have come today to bring to the light a law consistent with all state institutions in order for all citizens to acquire their right of knowledge, because that is a right and a duty at the same time,” the minister said.

Mekky added, “We wanted to take a step forward and change some paragraphs in the law in order to complete its features.”

“Egypt has become backwards and under developed,” the minister added. “This law [was written] to address the widespread corruption in this country, and we decided to put an end to it before it spreads.” Read more.

Al-Masry Al-Youm | Eqypt Independent | 2nd February 2013

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