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Foreigners boost the NHS

Foreigners Boost the NHS

Foreign patients who seek private treatment in the UK provide a good source of income for the NHS, say experts.

International patients can generate a third of the income trusts earn from private patients.

That is despite most hospitals treating only a small number, researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of York found.

Freedom of information requests to 28 hospitals found that a small number of foreign private-paying patients were responsible for 35% of private income in those trusts.

The authors wrote in the British Medical Journal: “This indicates that private foreign patients may be more lucrative than UK patients treated privately within the NHS.” Read more.

Daily Star | 13th February 2013

‘Portas Pilot’ towns ‘wasted’ grants on items like a £1,600 Peppa Pig costume

They were the 12 towns that the Government boasted would be in the “the vanguard of a revolution” to revive the UK’s battered high streets, with Mary Portas, the retail expert and TV personality, parachuted in to lead the initiative.

But The Independent can reveal that the so-called “Portas Pilots” have spent just 12 per cent of the £1.2m awarded in May, indicating that progress has been painfully slow.

Worse still, certain councils and their “town team” appear to have squandered chunks of the £100,000 they were given on seemingly wasteful items, such as £1,600 on a Peppa Pig costume, nearly £1,000 on postage, according to Freedom of Information Requests seen by The Independent.

The retail expert Paul Turner-Mitchell, who submitted the FOI requests, said it demonstrated the majority of councils were not capable of delivering the dynamic change needed to revive UK high streets. Mr Turner-Mitchell, a director of Rochdale-based retailer 25 Ten Boutique, said: “It’s disappointing that, given this unique opportunity to try something different, many councils have wasted funding on the usual bureaucracy of meetings, expense claims and consultants.” Read more.

James Thompson | The Independent | 13th February 2013




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