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E.ON lobbied for stiff sentences against Kingsnorth activists, papers show

The UK chief executive of energy giant E.ON repeatedly lobbied the then-energy secretary Ed Miliband and others over the sentencing of activists disrupting the company’s power plants, warning that any failure to issue “dissuasive” sentences could “impact” upon investment decisions in the UK.

The warnings, which came while the government was still trying to persuade E.ON and others to invest in next-generation nuclear plants, have been described by activists as “wholly improper”.

The details were released, apparently by accident, within a response to a Freedom of Information request made by Greenpeace. Officials from DECC had released the briefing memo, but with all references to environmental activists, sentencing, and E.ON’s previous missives blacked out throughout the document. However, due to errors in the redaction process, it remained possible to see the text contained below the blacked-out lines. Read more.

James Ball | The Guardian | 19th February 2013


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