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Almost half of British military kit to be left in Afghanistan

Almost half of British military kit to be left in Afghanistan

More than 40 per cent of kit will not be repatriated because of the costs and logistics involved in getting it returned.

The Ministry of Defence insists no decision has been made on what will be left but sources suggest it could include some weapons and vehicles.

The revelation came as Philip Hammond, Defence Secretary, said he believed “meaningful” talks would begin with the Taliban soon to help secure a peaceful exit from Afghanistan.

Government estimates suggest about 11,000, 20ft containers worth of equipment are currently in theatre, including around 3,000 vehicles.

Of these, military chiefs plan to bring back some 6,500 loads, at a cost of tens of millions of pounds.

It would leave around 4,500 containers, or 40 per cent of the kit, to be disposed of in Afghanistan, according to plans revealed under the Freedom of Information Act. Read more.

Tom Whitehead | The Telegraph | 7th February 2013

Denmark: New freedom of information law condemned

Under new law, some ministerial documents will no longer be available through freedom of information requests and some MPs criticise the closed nature of the negotiating process

The new freedom of information law,offentlighedsloven, presented by the government to parliament today will not allow greater insight into the decision making process of ministers, Politiken newspaper reports.

The offentlighedslov outlines which government documents are available to the public through freedom of information requests. Information that affects the state’s security, economy and diplomatic relations are exempt from the law, along with details about private businesses in order to protect their trade secrets.

The new law is facing criticism, however, as it will also exclude documents made by ministers to draft and discuss ideas with both civil services and other government ministries. Read more.

Peter Stannes | The Copenhagen Post | 7th February 2013

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