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Ken Loach demands release of ‘Shrewsbury 24′ classified documents

Film-maker Ken Loach joined union leaders and actor Ricky Tomlinson today to step up the pressure on the government to release documents relating to the case of 24 building workers arrested four decades ago after taking part in a strike.

Loach said the case, which saw Tomlinson imprisoned in 1972, was one of the “great causes of our time”.

“It is an absolutely clear case so see let’s see the strength of the trade union movement mobilised in the way it can be mobilised,” he told a packed meeting in Westminster on Wednesday

Last year a letter obtained under the Freedom of Information Act revealed there was discussion at the highest level of the Heath government over the decision to prosecute the men.

The government says the documents are being withheld under section 23 of the Freedom of Information Act, a section relating to national security. Earlier this week a Ministry of Justice spokesman said the lord chancellor had renewed the decision made by his predecessor in not releasing remaining papers. Read more.

Matthew Taylor | The Guardian | 23rd January 2013

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