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Scottish ministers drop royal secrecy plan

Scottish ministers drop royal secrecy plan

The Scottish government has dropped contentious plans to keep all communications between ministers and senior Royal Family members a secret.

Ministers said the move would bring Scotland into line with the rest of the UK, but changed their minds in light of concern over the proposals.

It was brought forward under planned reforms to freedom of information legislation.

Ministers made the decision after “careful consideration” of objections. Read more.

BBC | 27th November 2012

BBC sacks two workers for misusing Twitter

A further two workers have been disciplined following inappropriate behaviour on sites like Twitter and Facebook, the broadcaster has disclosed under a Freedom of Information request.

The “unusual” move comes as the broadcaster imposed an informal ban on its staff for tweeting about the BBC’s “problems”.

Acting director of news Fran Unsworth sent an internal email earlier this month saying it would be helpful if “some of our problems were not played out publicly across the social media and in the pages of the national press”. Read more.

Louisa Peacock | The Telegraph | 27th November 2012

Council in move to speed up replies to FOI calls

A COUNCIL which last year dealt with over 1,000 Freedom of Information requests has drawn up proposals to deal with them quicker.

In 2005-06 Kirklees Council handled 284 requests under the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations which covers requests relating pollution and health and safety.

By 2010-11 this had risen to 876 and last year it hit 1,137.

Last year 962 (85 per cent) of requests were responded to within 20 working days, which is in line with the minimum standard required by the Information Commissioner’s Office, which enforces compliance with the law. Read more.

The Yorkshire Post | 27th November 2012

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