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Domestic violence accounts for 10% of emergency calls

Domestic violence accounts for 10% of emergency calls, data shows

One in 10 emergency calls to police are categorised as domestic violencerelated, rising in some areas to a fifth of all 999 alerts.

The figures, obtained following freedom of information requests, have prompted fresh demands for a long-term strategy to tackle Britain’s “hiddencrime.”

Home Office data reveals that more than a million British women a year experience domestic violence, although experts believe the vast majority of incidents remain unreported. Read more.

Mark Townsend | The Guardian | 24th November 2012

Death row inmate loses FOIA lawsuit against FBI

A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of the FBI’s decision to redact information from records sought under the Freedom of Information Act by a Tennessee death row inmate.

Inmate Michael Dale Rimmer sued the agency over records relating to an investigation they conducted into the death of a Memphis motel clerk in 1997. Rimmer was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of the clerk, Ricci Lynn Ellsworth.

After his conviction, he claimed that the FBI investigation produced exculpatory evidence and made a FOIA request. The FBI eventually released 786 pages, but Rimmer disputes redactions made on a majority of the pages. Read more.

Wate | 23rd November 2012

West Midlands Police: Gun cop blasts pal in the foot during raid

An armed policeman nearly shot off a colleague’s foot during a raid on a murder suspect’s home.

The unnamed officer, who was highly trained, accidentally fired his pistol into the floor seconds before two elite squads stormed the property.

As the bullet hit the ground it splintered, leaving the man’s colleague with shrapnel wounds.

The incident, revealed in a Freedom of Information request, was one of four occasions in the past two years when officers from West Midlands Police mistakenly fired their weapon. Read more.

The Mirror | 25th November 2012

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