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The Day in FoIA: Shelter find landlord complaints increase | City of York Council ‘has no information’ on botched road repair | 2m Motorists drive ‘unwittingly’ without insurance

Landlord complaints increasing, says charity Shelter
Complaints about landlords in England have risen by more than a quarter in recent years, the charity Shelter says.
Freedom of information responses from 310 local authorities showed complaints rose by 27% between 2008/9 and 2011/12 – from 67,283 to 85,639.
Shelter said 62% of complaints in the last year related to “serious and life-threatening hazards”, such as dangerous gas and electrics and severe damp.
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BBC | 4th October 2012
City of York Council ‘has no information’ about botched road repairs 
YORK council chiefs say they no longer have any correspondence about a botched roadworks project that will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds to put right.
City of York Council says it holds no information about the 2006 resurfacing scheme in Tranby Avenue, Osbaldwick, which went badly wrong.
Local councillor Mark Warters, who says he submitted Freedom of Information requests after asking in vain for a report into the matter, yesterday claimed the lack of information was “incredible” and pledged not to let things rest.
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York Press | 4th October 2012
How 2m motorists drive ‘unwittingly’ without insurance when borrowing friends’ cars
Nearly two million motorists have ‘unwittingly’ risked prosecution by driving a friend or family member’s borrowed car without insurance – believing wrongly that they were covered, new research reveals today.
It is putting a growing number of drivers at risk of fines, penalty points and even a driving ban if caught by the police.
Many drivers simply assume the insurance on the vehicle they are borrowing – or the insurance they have on their own car – will automatically extend to other vehicles. But this is often not the case, an insurance provider has warned.
It cites official police data obtained by a Freedom of Information request from LV= car insurance showing that  22,000 drivers have been caught using a vehicle uninsured and been awarded penalty points in the past six months.
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Ray Massey | Daily Mail | 3rd October 2012

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