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O2 Attracts Most ICO Data Protection Complaints In All Of Britain

O2 Attracts Most ICO Data Protection Complaints In All Of Britain

An FOI request reveals O2 has attracted more data protection complaints in one year than Google and Sony combined

Major British operator O2 attracted more complaints relating to data protection over the last year than any other public or private organisation in the UK, whilst the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) received more than any government body.

The figures, revealed when TechWeekEurope made a freedom of information (FOI) request to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), showed the watchdog received 48 complaints about O2′s data protection between 28 August 2011 and the same date this year.

The ICO looked at complaints surrounding “disclosure of data” and “security”, both of which it said related to data protection issues and information breaches in particular. Read more.

Tom Brewster | Tech Week | 23rd October 2012

True cost of London 2012: News of £377m surplus in budget tempered by lack of transparency.

There was some good news for the taxpayer yesterday as the Government announced the London Olympics and Paralympics will come in at least £377million under budget.

In its final budget report of the Games, the Government now forecasts the overall cost at £8.921billion, down from a budget of £9.298billion.

However, there remain misgivings over the fact the Government gave the London 2012 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games nearly £1billion – more than a third of its operating budget – when Locog is a private company and therefore not subject to scrutiny through freedom of information requests. Read more.

Jacquelin Magnay | The Telegraph | 23rd October 2012

China: Ministry of Health Sued Over Milk Standards.

In 2010, China’s Ministry of Health announced controversial new national standards for raw milk.

After the new standard was announced, an individual lodged a Freedom of Information request with the ministry seeking access to the minutes of the meetings at which this new standard were agreed to. The ministry refused the individual’s request and he then decided to take the Ministry of Health to court. At a recent hearing of the case, the court announced that the Ministry of Health would have to once again reply to the request before a specified date. Read more.

The Economic Observer | 23rd October 2012

US: Girl Dies After Drinking Cans Of Monster

When it’s late and you want a pick-me-up, a hyper-caffeinated energy drink might appeal more than an espresso. But their makers face a serious setback, as the United States’ Food and Drug Agency (FDA) is investigating links between Monster, which contains three times more caffeine than an 8-ounce can of Red Bull, and the deaths of five people in the last year.

Reports were released under the Freedom of Information Act after the mother of one Maryland teenager filed a lawsuit against Monster, alleging that her daughter died after drinking two large cans of the hyper-caffeinated beverage. The official autopsy said the cause of death was “cardiac arrhythmia due to caffeine toxicity”.

Monster denies any blame, saying the company has sold 8 billion energy drinks over the past 16 years, with no proof tying them to any fatalities. Energy drinks are currently allowed higher levels of caffeine as they are sold as dietary supplements, not sodas. Read more.

The Independent | 23rd October 2012

US: The Top 20 Airports for TSA Theft

Your suitcase has been tagged and whisked away for a TSA security check before being loaded onto a plane en route to your final destination. How safe are the belongings inside? The TSA has fired nearly 400 employees for allegedly stealing from travelers, and for the first time, the agency is revealing the airports where those fired employees worked.

Newly released figures provided to ABC News by the TSA in response to a Freedom of Information Act request show that, unsurprisingly, many of the country’s busiest airports also rank at the top for TSA employees fired for theft.

Sixteen of the top 20 airports for theft firings are also in the top 20 airports in terms of passengers passing through. Read more.

Megan Chuchmach | ABC News | 23rd October 2012

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