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Islington Council accidentally leaks data after posting information to mySociety website

Islington Council accidentally leaks data after posting information to mySociety website

Islington Council experiences a data leak, with sensitive information about residents posted online for two weeks.

According to the Islington Tribune, the names and addresses of 2,400 tenants were posted on the mySociety website when the council responded to a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the ethnicity and gender of people it had rehoused.

A spreadsheet containing the information was sent to the website ‘WhatDoTheyKnow?’ which published it online, but the spreadsheet also contained tabs with the names, marital status and addresses of 2,400 residents. This data was online for two weeks before the council was notified of the error.

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Dan Raywood | SC Magazine | August 2nd 2012

Marilyn Monroe mystery: Where are her FBI files?

The FBI says it no longer has the files it compiled on Monroe; the National Archives — the usual destination for such material — says it doesn’t have them either.

Like many of the stars of her era, Marilyn Monroe’s movements, relationships and comments weren’t just devoured by fans — they were followed closely by the FBI.

Records kept on Monroe, many of which were filed under “Foreign Counterintelligence,” have intrigued many who have sought to learn more about the film star, including those who investigated her death.

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The Associated Press | August 2nd 2012

Contract with Goldman Sachs secret: NBN Co

NBN Co is using exemptions in the freedom of information rules that a leading academic says are ‘‘contrary to the public interest’’ in order to hide details of its two-year relationship with investment bank Goldman Sachs JBWere (GSJBW).

The National Broadband Network company told BusinessDay it would not disclose details of its contract with GSJBW because the information was ‘‘commercially sensitive’’.

However, following a request from BusinessDay under Freedom of Information laws, NBN Co has confirmed at least three firms were considered for the advisory job won by GSJBW in December 2009.

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Lucy Battersby | The Sydney Morning Herald | August 3rd 2012

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