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MPs criticise Tony Blair for failing to co-operate with inquiry

MPs criticise Tony Blair for failing to co-operate with inquiry

Tony Blair has been sharply criticised by MPs for his failure to co-operate with their parliamentary inquiry into the effectiveness of the Freedom of Information Act.

The former Labour prime minister refused to respond to the Commons justice select committee which wanted to question Blair on how he could describe himself in his autobiography as a “nincompoop” for introducing the legislation which he now regarded as “antithetical to sensible government”.

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Alan Travis | The Guardian| 26 July 2012

Sexual orientation of residents accidentally published by council

A council has been criticised after it publishes personal details of thousands of residents in response to a Freedom of Information request including their names, addresses and sexuality.

Islington Council in north London has published personal information, including the sexuality, of almost 2,500 residents online.

The latest mix-up happened as they responded to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request on the website What Do They Know?

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The Telegraph | 26th July 2012

Research ‘needs exemption from freedom of information act’ say UK politicians

A cross party group of politicians has recommended that England’s laws on freedom of information be amended to protect universities from having to release data prematurely.

Universities in the UK have complained in the past that the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act can be used to force the release of research findings and data before they are ready for publication. In a report released today, Parliament’s Justice Committee agrees, saying a ‘pre-publication exemption’ should be brought in. Scotland already has such an exemption, and extending it to England and Wales is required to “protect ongoing research” says the committee, which has been conducting an inquiry into how well the act is working.

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Daniel Cressey | Nature Journal | 26th July 2012

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