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Guantanamo Bay inmates were ‘injected with mind altering drugs and interrogated’ according to Pentagon report

Guantanamo Bay inmates were ‘injected with mind altering drugs and interrogated’ according to Pentagon report
Guantanamo Bay prisoners were interrogated while being dosed up on ‘mind altering drugs’, according to a secret Pentagon report released under Freedom of Information laws.

The two-year probe by the Pentagon’s inspector general into the use of anti-psychotic medication during interrogations revealed detainees inside the U.S. military’s facility in Cuba were forcibly injected with powerful sedatives used in psychiatric hospitals.

‘Certain detainees, diagnosed as having serious mental health conditions being treated with psychoactive medications on a continuing basis, were interrogated,’ the inspector general concludes in the report.

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The Daily Mail | July 12th 2012

Tiffany Jenkins: Authorities are out of tune on music tuition

EVERY child must have the chance to learn to play an instrument for free, purely for the love of music.

When the BBC broadcast the Young Musician of the Year contest in May, which cello player Laura van der Heijde, 15, won, there was little fanfare and even less fuss. Compared with X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice, there was no well-promoted, prime-time programme on a mainstream channel (it was on BBC4), and no endless strings of adverts or emotive cajoling to get people to phone and vote for their favourite. Few know her name like they do One Direction, created by X Factor.

Details obtained by Conservative MSP Liz Smith, via Freedom of Information laws, revealed a number of authorities charge, or are about to, including Aberdeen, Highland, Dumfries and Galloway, and Renfrewshire, which recently began charging for additional tuition.

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The Scotsman | July 14th 2012

Hundreds of stalking cases over last five years

Street has been identified as a stalking hotspot in figures obtained by this newspaper under the Freedom of Information Act.

Almost 300 cases of stalking have been reported to police in Mendip over the last five years, the figures reveal.

The area’s stalking hotspot is Street North, which includes Clarks Village, the High Street, Strode College, Strode Theatre and Crispin School with 21 cases reported to police since 2007.

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Wells Journal | July 12th 2012

Australian Police ring up $34,400 phone bill on directory assistance

POLICE are spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to have phone calls connected by an operator rather than dial numbers themselves.

Victoria Police spent more than $34,400 for information calls in the year to May, documents released to the Herald Sun under Freedom of Information laws show.

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Herald Sun | July 16th 2012

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