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Environmentalists push for boycott of Scottish salmon

Environmentalists push for boycott of Scottish salmon

The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA) has obtained data through a freedom of information (FOI) request revealing the extent of seal killing at salmon farming firms across Scotland. And the entity claims that according to the data supplied by Marine Scotland, more than 300 seals were killed during 2011 and in January-April 2012 as a result of the actions performed by certain companies such as Marine HarvestLoch Duart, Scottish Seafarms (Leroy & Salmar), Meridian(Morpol), Hjaltland Seafarms (Grieg Seafood) and The Scottish Salmon Company(SSC).

GAAIA and Save Our Seals Fund (SOSF) are now asking the US Government to ban imports of farmed salmon and calling on retailers to boycott seafood from “seal-unfriendly” salmon farms in Scotland.

“Scotland’s seal killers should hang their heads in shame and hang up their guns,” stated Don Staniford of GAAIA. “Supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco, which condone the killing of seals by selling ‘seal-unfriendly’ farmed salmon have blood on the hands.”

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Natalia Reel | Fis.Com | 29th June 2012

U.S. Agency Gave Nuclear Industry a Sweet Deal, Documents Reveal

The [US] Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) recently won a two-year legal battle to secure documents from the U.S. Department of Energy under the Freedom of Information Act related to nuclear power loan guarantees offered to utility companies under the Barack Obama administration.

The documents show the energy department (DOE) provided a sweetheart deal to Southern Company, the largest stakeholder in a consortium of utility companies that has been offered loan guarantees for two new nuclear reactors proposed for Plant Vogtle in Georgia.

If the reactors come online in the coming years, they would be the first new reactors in the U.S. in decade.

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Mathew Cardinale | Inter Press Service | 29th June 2012

Dukes tells Noonan: ‘I won’t reply in writing’

The chairman of the former Anglo Irish Bank told Finance Minister Michael Noonan that he would not put anything in writing regarding the controversy over the bank’s relationship with developer Paddy McKillen.

Chairman Alan Dukes wrote to Mr Noonan saying he was not prepared to divulge any information by letter for fear the correspondence would enter the public domain through a Freedom of Information request. Instead, Mr Dukes – a former Fine Gael leader – suggested ‘a private conversation’ regarding the controversy. No records, memos, or minutes of the discussion between Mr Dukes and Mr Noonan were kept, raising concerns that the Department of Finance was party to efforts to circumvent FoI legislation.

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Ken Foxe | The Daily Mail | 30th June 2012

The Olympics, Freedom of Information and Transparency

Following a series of tweets by Lia Hervey (Sky Sports News’ Olympics producer) regarding her attempts to extract information about the breakdown of Olympic tickets by sport and session, I was asked to write an article for ORGZine, the Open Rights Group‘s online magazine, on this particular issue. Below is a short extract, you can read the full article here.

The 2012 London Olympics is shaping up to be the largest sporting event ever held in this country. Not only will it be the largest, it is also likely to be the most expensive sporting event hosted in the UK. Current estimates place the overall public sector funding package for the Games at £9.298bn, a not insignificant sum of money.

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Infoism | 27th June 2012

Hundreds of fines over rogue drivers’ use of spaces

NEARLY 900 fines were issued to drivers wrongly parking in disabled bays in Middlesbrough and Stockton last year, new figures reveal. The figures were revealed to the Gazette under the Freedom of Information Act. This followed a story featuring wheelchair-users Ben Harland and Oliver Parkinson who were campaigning against rogue drivers parking in disabled bays.

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Chris Hole | Evening Gazette | 29th June 2012

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