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Not enough teachers for next generation of midwives

Not enough teachers for next generation of midwives

There are too few teachers to train the increased number of student midwives entering the system, new figures show.

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) submitted freedom of information requests to 56 higher education institutions across the UK to find out about their student-to-midwife teacher ratios.
Researchers found there are now typically 14 students per teacher, up from 13 in 2009-10.

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Net Doctor | July 5th 2012

Anger over cost of memorial plaques

GRIEVING families in York are paying more than £360 for memorials to their loved ones – despite their local council buying them for £66.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that small granite discs placed on top of the ashes of those who have died at York Crematorium cost the public £363 each – £297 more than City of York Council pay.

Residents who buy the six-inch discs must also pay an extra £95 if they want them to remain after five years, and a York charity which provides advice and support for bereaved families says it has concerns about the price difference.

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Mark Stead | The York Press | July 5th 2012

Investigation: What the food inspectors found in your local take-away

Pizza prepared by staff who have no proper hand-washing facilities in the bathroom and out-of-date ingredients being served up in dishes are just a couple of things that the food police unearthed during their inspections.

Their findings lead to the scores which should be displayed prominently on every restaurant, cafe, work canteens and take-away as the Food Standards Agency explains: ” The hygiene standards found at the time of inspection are rated on a scale. At the bottom of the scale is ‘0’ – this means urgent improvement is required. At the top of the scale is ‘5’ – this means the hygiene standards are very good.”

Using the Freedom of Information Act we have asked the local councils in five cities across the north to supply details of the premises which their inspectors rated zero in the past year.

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Sarah Hartley | The Guardian | July 5th 2012





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