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Shocking arsenal of weapons confiscated from Scottish courts

Shocking arsenal of weapons confiscated from Scottish courts     

FIFTEEN offensive weapons are being seized every day from visitors to Scotland’s courts , we can reveal.

The alarming seizures are up by a quarter in the past 12 months and have doubled in just four years.

Security staff confiscated more than 3200 weapons – including knives, hammers and darts during court door checks last year.

Last year’s figures, obtained using the Freedom of Information Act, are revealed the week after sheriffs expressed concern for their own safety while sitting in judgment in Scottish courtrooms.

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Gordon Currie | The Sunday Mail | 10th June 2012

National Federation of the Blind Urges Boycott of Goodwill Industries

Condemns Practice of Paying Subminimum Wages to Workers with Disabilities.

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB), one of the oldest and largest organizations of Americans with disabilities, today called for a boycott of Goodwill Industries International, Inc., the nonprofit manufacturer and retailer, for its payment of subminimum wages to many of its workers with disabilities. Freedom of information requests filed by the NFB confirmed that Goodwill Industries employees have been paid as low as $1.44 an hour. The NFB and over forty-five other organizations support legislation, the Fair Wages for Workers with Disabilities Act (H.R. 3086), which would phase out and then repeal the nearly seventy-five-year-old provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act that permits special certificate holders to pay subminimum wages to workers with disabilities.

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Market Watch | 7th June 2012

DEC, EPA Offer Hydrofracking Clues In Emails

ALBANY — A trove of recently released emails offers an intriguing glimpse at the relationship between state and federal regulators while New York weighs whether to green light large-scale natural-gas development.

Several hundred messages made available under the state open records law provide clues as to how the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have interacted since 2008, when New York launched a regulatory review of high-volume hydraulic fracturing.

The emails show near-constant contact between the two agencies over the four-year period. The exchanges, while always cordial and largely cooperative, at times show areas of disagreement.

Gannett’s Albany Bureau filed a request for the emails after the state Court of Appeals ruled in May that correspondence between DEC and EPA was not exempt from the Freedom of Information Law.

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Jon Campbell | WGRZ |10th June 2012

Canadian information and privacy Commissioner sides with University of Ottawa professor in privacy battle

OTTAWA — Ontario’s information and privacy commissioner has ruled that the expense reports of a University of Ottawa law professor are protected by the critically important concept of academic freedom.

In a ruling made public Friday, Commissioner Ann Cavoukian upheld the university’s decision to withhold the research-related expense records of professor Amir Attaran.

The records had been requested by an unnamed individual, known only as John Doe.

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Andrew Duffy | Ottawa Citizen | 10th June 2012

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