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Defence report details abuse culture

Defence report details abuse culture  

Documents obtained by the ABC expose a culture of sexual and physical abuse in the Defence Forces dating back half a century.

Explosive documents obtained under Freedom of Information by the ABC have tonight lifted a lid on a decades-old culture of sexual and physical abuse in the Defence Force.

A report prepared for the Defence Department and obtained by the 7.30 program suggests recruits aged as young as 13 were subjected to routine abuse going back to the 1950s.

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation | 14th June 2012

Ten householders slapped with £307,000 repair bill for leaky roof by bungling council hit by property scandal

A council bill for a roof repair has soared an incredible 440 times from £700 to more than £300,000.

Ten owners in an Edinburgh tenement were given the original quote to repair a leak in a flat roof.

The full scale of the outrageous charges was only revealed when one of the residents used the Freedom of Information Act to get official files.

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Damien Gayle | The Daily Mail | 13th June 2012

Attorney fees add up as external review of University of Michigan child porn reporting delay continues

The University of Michigan is paying lawyers up to $725 per hour to work on an external review of a six-month lapse in the reporting of child pornography found in an employee area at University Hospital and allegedly tracked back to a pediatric medical resident.

The tab for the external investigation of the reporting lapse and a separate review of hospital security procedures could exceed a half-million dollars, according to documents obtained by AnnArbor.com through the Freedom of Information Act.

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Kellie Woodhouse | Ann Arbor |14th June 2012

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