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US skies to be full of drones

The American skies may soon be full of drones after it was disclosed that domestic law enforcement agencies – from the FBI to local police – have been granted permission to deploy the unmanned aircraft.

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information laws show that show that more than 50 non-military organisations have asked to fly drone aircraft, many of which can carry cameras and surveillance equipment for spying within the US.

The figures from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group pledged to defending Americans from digital snooping by government, showed that major agencies like the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice had been cleared to launch drones.

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Raf Sanchez | The Telegraph | 22nd April 2012

‘Super-sewer’ towers would obscure Big Ben, council warns

World-famous views of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are in danger of being obscured by ventilation towers from a vast £4 billion ‘super-sewer’ being planned for under the River Thames, council chiefs have warned.

Thames Water is planning to replace London’s inadequate Victorian sewer network with a huge new tunnel, with construction set to begin in 2016.

The 20-mile underground pipe, which will trace the curves of the river, will be punctuated at ground level by ventilation columns in around 20 places along the river.

In a recent letter to the Thames Tunnel Project Team, obtained under Freedom of Information laws, the council opposed the proposals as they stand.

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James Hall | The Telegraph | 23rd April 2012

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