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Court security seize 726 knives in Northamptonshire

More than 700 knives have been confiscated in courts in Northamptonshire over the past three years, the BBC can reveal.

This is the highest number of knives seized in any county in the East of England, the government has revealed.

The figures were released after a BBC Freedom of Information request.

In Northamptonshire 726 knives were confiscated. In Cambridgeshire, 527 knives were taken.

While 446 knives were confiscated between the financial years 2009 and 2011 in Hertfordshire.

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Nic Rigby | BBC | 15th April 2012

Council chiefs broke law over ‘shredded’ tram files

Scottish council chiefs breached the law when they turned down a request for tram documents, wrongly claiming the papers had been destroyed, the Scottish Information Commissioner has ruled.

The Evening News revealed last year how the council had responded to a Labour request for documents under freedom of information by claiming it no longer held the relevant material.

Even when Labour asked for the refusal to be reviewed, officials said correspondence was only kept for a year and diaries dating back three and four years were not retained either.

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The Scotsman | 18th April 2012

Kitchen appliance fires ‘alarming’

A consumer watchdog has called for Government action following an “alarming” number of fires from faulty kitchen appliances.

A Which? investigation said faults ranging from exploding toasters to smoking kettles were causing thousands of house fires a year and serious damage to homes.

Almost 6,000 appliances or their electrical leads caught fire due to faults in 2010/11, according to figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Freedom of Information requests to fire services across the country revealed that it was not necessarily the obvious appliances, like ovens, that consumers should worry about.

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This is Jersey | 19th April 2012

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