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Revealed: the paedophile map of Britain where a child sex attack takes place every 20 MINUTES

ONE child sex attack was reported every 20 minutes last year, police figures out today show.

About 23,000 children were reported victims in England and Wales during 2010/11 but fewer than 10 per cent of cases ended in a conviction.

There were 4,973 alleged victims aged ten and under, including 1,472 younger than six. And six times as many reported offences were committed against girls as against boys.

More than a third of all sex crimes reported were against children.

The statistics, obtained by the NSPCC in a freedom of information request, cover rape, incest and child prostitution. The charity said a major effort was needed to protect children and boost conviction rates.

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The Daily Mail | 4th April 2012

The Guardian’s court victory is an important step towards transparency

The court of appeal today took a bold step forward in advancing court transparency. The decision in Guardian News and Media Ltd v City of Westminster Magistrates Court established in common law for the first time the right of ordinary people and the media to obtain documents that are used in court cases.

It has been a long time coming. The UK has undergone a transparency revolution over the past 10 years. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) has forced over 100,000 government bodies to make the information that they collect and use in daily actions available on request to the public. Recent government initiatives have made the expenditures of government bodies and local governments available online. Parliamentary bills, reports and proceedings are available online quickly.

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David Banisar | The Guardian | 3rd April 2012

 £83 million backlog of repairs at Warwickshire schools

WARWICKSHIRE schools have a staggering £83 million backlog of repairs.

Warwickshire County Council bosses estimated the cost of getting all the county’s schools up to a reasonable standard of repair.

The figures were uncovered by the Telegraph under the Freedom of Information Act.

It comes after Coventry education bosses admitted it would take a staggering 100 years to rebuild the city’s crumbling schools if they continued at the current rate

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Lucy Lynch | Coventry Telegraph | 3rd April 2012

£30,000 owed by overseas patients

SCARBOROUGH’S NHS Trust is owed more than £30,000 in hospital bills, racked up by overseas patients not entitled to free treatment.

The figures, obtained via a Freedom of Information request to Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust, show that since February 2009, £33,229.41 has either been written off or is currently being chased by the Trust.

The numbers include £10,297 that the trust is still chasing from a Syrian patient who underwent treatment in May 2010.

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Scarborough Evening News |  2nd April 2012

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