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Patient data management system led to clinical errors

Problems with a record keeping system have hampered service and caused confusion at North Bristol NHS trust, the Guardian reports.

The Cerner Millenium electronic patient records system was linked to more than a dozen errors, including the disappearance of notes on patients.

A freedom of information request by the BBC revealed the correlation between the launch of Cerner and the problems. The recorded incidents occurred between December of last year and 17 January 2012.

“These issues have caused disruption and frustration for our patients and our staff and we recognise that this has not delivered the level of service that we expect, and the public expect from us,” The Trust said in a statement.

Reports of data management problems have also come from Oxford hospitals NHS since it rolled out the system.

Royal Mail Doesn’t Record the Millions of Items it Auctions

Freedom of information requests showed the Royal Mail has no records of items it auctions when they can’t be delivered.

The Telegraph reports that the Royal Mail made nearly £1 million through the sale of Christmas presents and other packages that wound up in its storage rooms last year.

Labour MP Ian Murray called for changes to the system. “When the Royal Mail does sell off items they cannot deliver they need to do so in a way that is both open and transparent,” he said. “The system is not transparent enough.”

About 20 percent of the nearly 20 million packages received by the Royal Mail wound up in its Belfast office. Items are held for three to four months and then sold.

“Royal Mail tries very hard to ascertain the correct address and deliver the item. If that is not possible we will seek to return it to the sender free of charge,” a company spokesman said.

Judge Notes Importance of Times FoIA Challenge

A judge said the challenge to the Charity Commission’s refusal to hand over details about an investigation into a former MP’s links to Iraq’s former dictator raised significant issues in the debate over freedom of information.

Lord Justice Etherton questioned the rationale of restricting a newspaper access to documents after the conclusion of an inquiry, even as the Court of Appeal rejected the challenge earlier this week.

The Times, which initiated the FOI requests into George Galloway’s financial ties to Saddam Hussein, reports the case is headed to the Supreme Court.

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