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Underfunded Charities Turn Away Victims of Abuse: Report

Charities are being forced to point victims of domestic violence seeking refuge toward Occupy camps, police stations and hospitals, charity organisers say.

Freedom of information requests released in an extensive report show local government cut funding by almost a third for abused woman, according to the Guardian. The allotment fell from £7.8m to £5.4m between 2010/2011 and 2011/2012.

“Women are literally having to find a way of staying safe on the streets, or staying in violent relationships where they could end up dead. And the ultimate costs of that are huge – to the police, the NHS, the courts – it’s a total false economy,” Heather Harvey, a manager at Lon-based domestic violence charity Eaves, told the Guardian.

The nation’s largest provider of domestic and sexual violence services, Women’s Aid, said they turned 230 women away on an average day in 2011.

Trust for London and the Northern Rock Foundation commissioned the report, which found that smaller, specialist charities are disproportionately affected by cuts.

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