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Police spend nearly £250,000 on premium rate numbers

The Metropolitan Police has spent nearly £250,000 on premium-rate call sevices over the past two years, according to a response to a Freedom of Information request made by the Press Association.

Scotland Yard officers and officials spent a total of £16,879 calling the speaking clock almost 55,000 times in 2010/11, down from ££18,402 the previous year.

The bill also includes £95,313 on directory enquiries in 2010/11, down from £121,501 tin 2009/10, the Telegraph, Daily Mail, Metro, Guardian and Mirror all report.

A Scotland Yard spokesman told the BBC: “There are clearly evidential and operational reasons for officers and staff requiring the exact time and contact details.”

Fifteen year old girls biggest group at risk of self-harming

Girls of 15 are the most likely to attempt suicide or self-harm, The Sun has reported. 7,529 children aged 15 or under were admitted to A&E units after self-harming last year, of those 6,413 were girls and that 2,962 of those were aged 15. Lucie Russell, of mental health charity Young-Minds, said: “Self-harm is often dismissed as attention-seeking but it’s a sign young people are feeling terrible internal pain and are not coping.”

Children with shotguns pose no risk, claim campaigners

The Countryside Alliance have used figures from a Freedom of Information request to support their campaign against enforcing a minimum age for shotgun licenses. Figures from 33 police forces in England and Wales show that of the tens of thousands of under-18s who have been issued with a license, only two under 14s have had them revoked by police between 2008 and 2010, BBC reports.

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