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Met chief met with NoTW while Milly Dowler was missing

A FoIA request for Lord Stevens’ diaries reveals he had dinner at the Ivy  with the editor of the News of The World while Milly Dowler was still missing, The Independent reports.

The diaries were allegedly lost during the course of the NoTW phone hacking investigation but have now been found. They show that the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens met several senior executives from national media during his years in office, from 2000 to 2005.

The diaries were released to the Press Association following a request under the Freedom of Information Act and reveal a long list of NoTW executives that Lord Stevens dined with.

The list includes former NoTW and Sun editor Rebekah Brooks, former News International executive chairman Les Hinton, former NoTW editor Andy Coulson, former NoTW managing editor Stuart Kuttner, and NoTW’s former executive editor, Neil Wallis.

The Independent mentions that Lord Stevens said in his autobiography that he worked hard to foster good relations with newspapers and be “available” to editors.

His relationship with the press was indeed close as the diaries show. Other media executives he met up with include The Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, The Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre and the former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan.

Bankruptcies rise in Scotland

Freedom of Information requests submitted by the law firm McGrigors show a steep rise in the number of petitions for bankruptcy in Scotland. The BBC reports that the figure has leapt by 97 per cent over a three-year period, while that number has fallen in England and Wales. McGrigors’ Pamela Muir said: “The message from HMRC is clear – if you have been given time to settle your tax affairs but have been unable or unwilling to do so, there will be no second chances.”

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