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Prince Charles to appeal tribunal’s decision

Prince Charles will appeal the Information Tribunal’s ruling to disclose data about the Duchy of Cornwall under the Environmental Information Regulations.

The Prince, who’s reputation suffered after an FoIA investigation by The Guardian revealed his secret vetoing of House of Commons bills, has been ordered by John Angel, the principal judge at the tribunal to reply to a request for assessments of the environmental impact of a Duchy’s oyster farm.

As various UK broadsheets have already reported, the initial request came from Michael Bruton who was concerned about the farming of non-native oysters in the Lower Fal and Helford area.

Clarence House had refused to disclose any information about the Duchy of Cornwall that provides the Prince with a £17 million-a-year income.

Although the judge deemed the Duchy constituted a public authority and therefore it had to abide by the rules of transparency, last Monday Jonathan Crow QC, Charles’ attorney general applied for a “permission to appeal the decision which found that the Duchy is a ‘public authority’ for the purposes of the Environmental Information Regulations [Act] 2004″.

Thousands of elderly die alone without someone to bury them

More than 21,000 older people die alone with no one to pay for their burials, an FoIA investigation by the Anchor, an older people’s charity, revealed. The Guardian reports that people over 65 account for 54% of the all public-health funerals over the past five years. Charities representing elderly people are currently coming together to lobby the Prime Minister over urgent improvements in social care.

Scottish MPs award their staff with millions of pounds

MSPs rushed to hand over nearly £3 million in bonuses to their staff before the practice was outlawed, The Herald reports. Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act revealed Scottish MPs paid their staff £2,746,809 in bonuses from 2009 to 2010. The bonus system has since been outlawed.

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