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FoIA reveals MoD to spend ‘secret’ £750m on nuclear weapons

Despite facing budget cuts across the board, the Ministry of Defence is preparing to invest 750m pounds of taxpayer’s money for the construction of an enriched-uranium facility at the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire.

The so-called Project Pegasus will replace an enriched-uranium facility built at the site in the 1950s.

The revelation came earlier this year, after freedom of information requests led to the publication of a 32-page MoD report that was market “Secret UK Eyes Only”. Although the report was originally heavily redacted, the Information Commissioner recently deemed the full amount of the 747m pounds investment should be made public.

The hefty investment will benefit AWE Management that has a 25-year non-revokable contract to run the base and comprises US corporations Lockheed Martin, Jacobs and UK’s Serco.

As highlighted by Observer’s Jamie Doward, other MoD investments in AWE include 500m for Project Mensa in nearby Burghfield to improve its warhead assembly facilities. But AWE’s bill, which between 2008-2011 amounts to 2.6bn pounds, includes millions for projects that have now been written off.

Like the 120m pounds spent on a cancelled plan to build a new hydrodynamics research facility at AWE Aldermaston (Project Hydrus), or a project to construct a “Systems Engineering Facility” that was cancelled and the 16m pounds invested written off.

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